Risk assessment of Food Contact Materials

Software created by Viaware

Online introduction of Viaware and FOCOS


Dutch IT company

Founded in 2013

Part of FoodChain ID

Specialized in supply chain communication and compliance assessment  for Food Contact Materials

Managed Services supported by software: FOCOS

Collaboration with Decernis, a FoodChain ID company

FOCOS integrates with Decernis Product Suite

  • Global coverage with over 100,000 regulations across 218 countries
  • Over 500.000 unique substances with their restrictions

Current market situation

for Food Contact Materials

Non-governmental organizations and social media increase pressure on

Food industry

Retail industry

Packaging industry

Protecting public health becomes priority no 1

Large brand owners and retailers

Are looking for ways to get control over the safety of their packaging


They fear brand damage, recalls and claims

Insufficient knowledge and resources

Companies are getting more and more aware

What are our legal requirements and responsibilities?

How do we perform risk assessment and risk management?

What is proper documentation?

Who is liable and what might be the consequences if something goes wrong?

How do we keep up with the increasing number of compliancy questions from our customers?

Let Viaware help you answer these questions

Use Focos to get a better grip on Food Contact Safety

Do you still use paper files?

With no data available, compliance work becomes hard to manage and impossible to follow up

How do you perform Change management?

Are you too busy to innovate?

Implement FOCOS and safe time

Make it easy to answer compliancy questions

Create new Declarations of Compliance with only a few clicks

Introducing FOCOS

Software for risk assessment of Food Contact Materials

Every user has its own secured database in a private cloud environment (or on-premises)

Integrates with ERP systems like SAP and Navision

Data management instead of document management

Support for over 100,000 regulations, 218 countries and 500,000 substances

Global legal coverage and support of regions like China, EU, Mercosur and US

Receive updates when regulations change

Easy communication throughout the supply chain

Use of compliancy specifications to identify the gaps

Fully automated 100% migration calculations

Compliance assessment with integrated Migration Modelling Simulation

Create DoCs in multiple languages

Interactive change management through Notification Center

Main benefits for you

High quality, up-to-date, multilangual and evidenced DoCs instantly available

Direct access to knowledge on Legislation and Food Contact Safety

Improved knowledge assurance and embedding

Auditable dossier for Food Contact

Data management and communication along the supply chain

Structural and high quality compliance assessments

Saving costs by compliance screening in favor of testing

Selection of valid test configurations per region

Commercial tool for quality, part of GMP

Reduced time to market for new materials / new products

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